1. To open, fund, construct, establish, equip, promote, conduct maintain, support, and run medical or educational institutions and conduct conferences workshops, CME and allied works in Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgeries, thereby raising awareness to the public and benefit the community at large.
  2. To provide education for the needy students, doctor and to render help to fellow facial plastic surgeons in times of need.
  3. To organize training and employment for ENT ,Head and Neck surgeons and Plastic surgeons in Facial Plastic surgery and to establish, maintain and run institutions for advancement of speciality of ENT head & Neck surgery.
  4. To publish and distribute literature in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  5. To perform acts to raise funds for all objects of the Trust, including but not limited to profit from organizing fund-raising events, from purchase and subsequent sale of medical equipment and performance of services for any person, agency or institute.
  6. To render service for the welfare and development of children suffering from facial deformities and cosmetic defects of the face.
  7. To promote, spread and impart all aspects of education to Doctors.
  8. To provide necessary facilities or to contribute to educational and scientific research development in any place as the Trust finds deemed fit towards Facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
  9. To carry out any activities with the intention of service but not of any profit making.
  10. To purchase, sell or otherwise distribute materials, medical equipment’s, medicines and other services in the furtherance of the objectives of the Trust.
  11. To arrange and organize lectures, debates, discussions, study tours, conferences, or radio-talks, Television Interviews for the advancement of the objects of the Trust towards Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  12. To establish Training Centre and allied educational institutions in the medical field towards Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  13. To raise funds through donations and contributions to support all the above activities, and setting up appropriate management structure, including subsidiary units as necessary for the needy people or patients.
  14. To develop the human resources through capacity building programs, workshops, seminars and training’s this will assist the objectives of the Trust towards Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery .
  15. To organize lectures, seminars, workshops, study groups, debates, symposia and other programs in the field of Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  16. To provide and conduct training programs for other agencies, institutions, government, semi-government, and non-government organizations in the field of medical science and medical education, who have like objects that of this Trust.
  17. To utilize the guidance, participation and financial assistance from established international organizations, central government, universities and other institutions in India and abroad.
  18. And to do all other incidental and useful necessary things that are essential for the attainment of the above objects.
  19. To provide and help the deprived children and young adults escape from a back ground of poverty.
  20. To help the poor and old age, and their dependants, providing cloths, beds, bed sheets, shelters etc.,
  21. To provide medical relief via clinics, Hospitals, medical camps, nursing homes, Naturopathy and Yoga Hospitals to all communities.
  22. To give relief by subscriptions or otherwise during famines, floods, earthquake, fire or any other natural calamities.
  23. To carryout all such acts and things which are incidental or necessary for the promotion of the aforementioned objects.
  24. To institute scholarship, Free ship, Awards and Commemoration in line with the objects of the trust.
  25. To advance the speciality of ENT head & Neck surgery by developing its sub specialization.
  26. To subscribe to such other charitable objects the trustees may deem proper provided, however that the done es in all such cases are recognized under section 80G of the Income Tax act, 1961 as amended from time to time.