The FRCSI is a non-profit medical educational and charitable trust formed in Bangalore ( Urban)under provision of Subregistrar, Rajajinagar, Bangalore . The body is dedicated to the development of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the head, face and neck in India. Membership is open to all all otolaryngologists and plastic surgeons in India and Asia, who have demonstrated an interest in learning or furthering the branch of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Benefits of Membership :

1. Exclusive access to case files and surgical procedure videos / teaching resources in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
2. Promotion of further training opportunities to members with established facial plastic surgeons in India and abroad in the various domains of facial plastic surgery.
3. Member discounts for subscription to paid journals or group access to journals in facial cosmetic surgery
4. Webinars and updates to knowledge on regular basis for all members registered
5. Future Board certification and accreditation activities for members enrolled with the trust.
6.Dedicated Website will be developed for intercommunication between members and established facial plastic surgeons and as a portal for all facial cosmetic surgery solutions.

Membership FEES

Life Membership fees-Rs 5000

1. In case of international accreditation, additional fees may be requested from all members and governing council to maintain their membership.
2. Kindly download the enclosed form, fill it up, scan the document and email it to
3. Any Queries or membership queries may be directed to
4. Kindly do not deposit the money,until a confirmation to become a life member is given by FRCSI governing Council. This decision is taken in the General body meeting which happens once in 6 months.

Membership fee to be deposited to


Account number : 144301011004694
Vijaya bank, Kengeri branch, Bangalore-60
Ifsc code VIJB0001443


Name Specialization
1) Prof Dr Narmaya Thapa MBBS , MS(ENT)
2) Dr Naseer Alozaib MBBS,ABORL_HN,MD
3) Dr Divya Annie George MBBS, MS(ENT)
4) Dr Githin rajendran MBBS, MS(ENT)
5) Dr Dhavalkumar S Patil MBBS, MS(ENT)
6) Dr Rajat rastogi MBBS, MS(ENT)
7) Dr Binu thomas K B MBBS, MS(ENT)
8) Dr Ashish Vashishth MBBS, MS(ENT)
9) Dr.Balakrishnan Thirumaran MBBS, MS(ENT)
10) Dr Gafoor jan MBBS, MS(ENT)
11) Dr Sarafudeen P K MBBS, MS(ENT)
12) Dr Vinay kumar V MBBS, MS(ENT)
13) Dr Pampapathi H B MBBS, MS(ENT)
15) Dr Chaitanya Rao MBBS, MS(ENT)
16) Dr Sree Cuddapah MBBS, MS(ENT)
17) Dr Biraj KR Das MBBS, MS(ENT)
18) Dr Diana grover MBBS, MS(ENT)
19) Dr Arun yadav MBBS, MS(ENT)
20) Dr Gaurav Ahluwalia MBBS, MS(ENT)
21) Dr Srinivasa kumara raja P MBBS, MS(ENT)
22) Dr Kumar MBBS, DLO, MS(ENT)
23) Dr Prakash Jayanth kumar MBBS, DLO, DOHNS (ENG), FEBORL-HNS
24) Dr Atul shah MBBS, MS, MCH( plast)
25) Dr Ashesh Bhumkar MBBS, MS(ENT)
26) Dr Arshad hussain MBBS, MS(ENT), MRCS (ENT)
27) Dr Nagaraju G MBBS, MS (OPTH),DNB, FGO,FCED
28) Dr Kunku Srinivas MBBS,MS(ENT)
29) Dr Tripti kaur Brar MBBS, MS(ENT)
30) Dr Chidananda devasamudra R MBBS, MS(ENT), FELLOWSHIP IN RHINOPLASTY(S. KOREA)
33) Dr Amithabha Roychoudhury MBBS, DLO, DNB(Otolaryngol), DLORCS(London)
34) Dr Muniraj M MBBS,MS(ENT)
35) Dr Prof. Chandrakiran MBBS,MS(ENT)
36) Dr Vishnu K P MBBS,MS(ENT)
37) Dr Biraj KR Das MBBS,MS(ENT)
38) Dr Krishnamurthy MBBS,MS(ENT)
39) Dr Naveen krishnamurthy MBBS,MS(ENT)
40) Dr gudipudi rajesh MBBS, MS(ENT)
41) Dr ch murali kondaiah MBBS, MS(ENT)
42) Dr Raja sekharam MBBS, MS(ENT)
43) Dr Samir rawal MBBS, MS(Gen Surg), Mch ( Plastic surgery)
44) Dr Chetankumar Up MBBS, MS(ENT)
45) Dr Prem sagar MBBS, MS(ENT),DNB, MNAMS
46) Dr Sarath raveendran MBBS, MS(ENT)
47) Dr Ihsan abbas al baldawi MBBS,MS,DLO,Fellow European board
48) Dr Sandeep bhasin MBBS ,MS(Gen Surg)
49) Dr Vijayalakshmi s MBBS, DLO, Dip NB, PG Dip Medical Ethics, PG Dip in Clinical Ethics,
50) Dr Hina Baxi MBBS,MS(ENT)
51) Dr Gautham ullas BMBS BmedSci MRCS(ENT)
52) Dr Tan kenglu BSc (hons),MRCS(ENT)MD,MS, Commonwealth fellow(FPS-UK)
53) Prof Dr E K Reddy MBBS, MS(ENT)
54) Dr Ashok rokade MBBS, MS(ENT),FRCS(Ire),FRCS(ORL-HNS)
55) Dr Jasveer singh MBBS,DLO,MS(ENT)
56) Dr Prateek Sharma MBBS, MS(ENT)
57) Prof Dr Rahul Kawatra MBBS,MS (ENT)
58) Dr Dev Roy F.R.C.S.(ORL-HNS) Edin., F.R.C.S.(ENT), M.S., D.L.O.(R.C.S.Eng.), E.B.F.P.R.S.
59) Dr Joshna B.M MBBS.MS(ENT)
60) Dr Ongden Gyatso MBBS , MS(ENT)
61) Dr Hitesh Chhadva MBBS,MS(ENT)
62) Dr Ritesh Mahajan MBBS, MS(ENT)
63) Dr Parijat joshi MBBS , DLO
64) Dr Hina Baxi MBBS, MS( ENT)
65) Dr Vikram Bhardwaj MBBS, MS(ENT),Fellow (ORL-HNS)
66) Dr Prerna gupta MBBS, MS( Gen Surg), Mch (Plastic surgery)
67) Dr. Jaskaran Singh Gill MBBS,M.S(ENT) DOHNS (ENG)
68) Dr. Bhanu Bhardwaj MBBS,M.S(ENT) DOHNS (ENG)
69) Dr Krishnam P raju MBBS, MS (ENT), DOHNS, MRCS, CCBST, FEB (orl-hns)
70) Dr Kshitij patil MBBS, MS(ENT)
71) Dr Mallikarjun Tegnoor MBBS, MS (ENT)
72) Dr C B Nadyal MBBS, MS(ENT)
73) Dr Anju Suresh  
74) Dr Sowmya J  
75) Dr Rabiul Karim  
76) Dr Phub Tshering  
77) Dr Sri Satya Sudha  
78) Dr Muhammed bobat  
79) Dr Smitha T M  
80) Dr Maya K T  
81) Dr Divya B  
82) Dr R V Kumar  
83) Dr Andrey Makarov  
84) Dr Sunaina Thakur  
85) Dr Anupriya Hajela  
86) Dr Nita Rachel  
87) Dr Toshi Janardhan  
88) Dr Deepthi Narayan  
89) Dr Viresh Arora  
90) Dr Shankar Mohanarangan  
91) Dr Agustinus H.W. Purba  
92) Dr.Stefnos Tsallas  
93) Dr Mohammed Husni Dawood  
94) Dr Shree Rao  
95) Dr Ankita Soni  
96) Dr Sandhya D  
97) Dr Aditya Narayana Chodhury  
98) Dr Sriprakash V  
99) Dr Ahmad shabanah  
100) Dr Rahul Kawatra  
101) Dr Amjad Farook  
102) Dr Muhammad Bobat  
103) Dr Krishna Priya  
104) Dr Prerna Mittal  
105) Dr Madhusudhan B  
106) Dr Kapil Soni  
107) Dr Gauri Belsare  
108) Dr Shajid P  
109) Dr Sanoop E  
110) Dr Sharad Hernot  
111) Dr Sunil Ramnani  
112) Dr Sankar Viswanathan  
113) Dr Dheeraj Pillai  
114) Dr Lalit Gupta  
115) Dr Rituraj Baruah  
116) Dr Hemanth Vamanshankar  
117) Dr Krishna Chaudhary  
118) Dr Mohammed Dawood