The FRCSI is a non-profit medical educational and charitable trust formed in Bangalore ( Urban)under provision of Subregistrar, Rajajinagar, Bangalore . The body is dedicated to the development of plastic and reconstructive surgery of the head, face and neck in India. Membership is open to all all otolaryngologists and plastic surgeons in India and Asia, who have demonstrated an interest in learning or furthering the branch of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Benefits of Membership :

1. Exclusive access to case files and surgical procedure videos / teaching resources in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
2. Promotion of further training opportunities to members with established facial plastic surgeons in India and abroad in the various domains of facial plastic surgery.
3. Member discounts for subscription to paid journals or group access to journals in facial cosmetic surgery
4. Webinars and updates to knowledge on regular basis for all members registered
5. Future Board certification and accreditation activities for members enrolled with the trust.
6.Dedicated Website will be developed for intercommunication between members and established facial plastic surgeons and as a portal for all facial cosmetic surgery solutions.
7.PS:Please submit yearly audit of your FPS treatment along with renewal fee for IFFPSS.

Membership FEES

Life Membership fees-Rs 5000

1. In case of international accreditation, additional fees may be requested from all members and governing council to maintain their membership.
2. Kindly download the enclosed form, fill it up, scan the document and email it to
3. Any Queries or membership queries may be directed to
4. Kindly do not deposit the money,until a confirmation to become a life member is given by FRCSI governing Council. This decision is taken in the General body meeting which happens once in 6 months.

Membership fee to be deposited to


Account number : 144301011004694
Vijaya bank, Kengeri branch, Bangalore-60
Ifsc code VIJB0001443


Name Designation Specialization Location Contact number Email ID
Dr.  Ullas Raghavan Advisory Chairman MS(ENT), FRCS ( ED& GLAS),FRCS (ORL-HNS) United kingdom 44 7725 316 367
Dr.  Vishnu Swaroop reddy Executive Chairman MS(ENT), FRCS (ED), FRCS (IRE), DLO (ENG) India 9849398049
Dr.  Rakesh Kumar Secretary MS(ENT), Commonwealth fellow(FPS-UK) India 9868397461
Dr.  Sandeep Uppal MS(ENT), Ph.D., FRCS (ORL-HNS), FIBCFPRS Singapore 6591470162
Dr.  Manesh Senan MS, Mch(Plastic surgery), FRCS(ED) India 9447143768
Dr.  Deepak V Haldipur  MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9341223743
Dr. Vishwas K. Vijayadev Treasurer MS(ENT), DOHNS ( ENG), Commonwealth fellow(FPS-UK) India 9902330516
Dr.  S V Joga Rao Legal consultant M.L., M.Phil., Ph.D., Max-Planck Fellowship (MPI- Freiburg, Germany) India 9342877099
Dr.  A Mahadevaiah Senior Advisor MBBS,DABO,FAAO(USA) India 9845013052
Prof Dr.  Narmaya Thapa MBBS, MS(ENT) Nepal 977 0143 02149
Dr.  Naseer Alozaib MBBS,ABORL_HN,MD Yemen 967 7714 82010
Dr.  Divya Annie George MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9845584220
Dr.  Githin Rajendran MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9495426617
Dr.  Dhavalkumar  S  Patil MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9011499728
 Dr.  Rajat rastogi MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9336927008
 Dr.  Binu Thomas K B MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9387624106
 Dr.  Ashish Vashishth MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9810604690
 Dr. .Balakrishnan Thirumaran MBBS, MS(ENT) Colombo +94773672123
Dr.  Gafoor Jan MBBS, MS(ENT) Afghanisthan 7530849390
Dr.  Sarafudeen P K MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9847244483
Dr.  Vinay Kumar V MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9980634220
Dr.  Pampapathi H B MBBS, MS(ENT) india 9645165585
Dr.  B P Belaladavar MBBS, MS(ENT), FELLOW IN RHINOPLASTY(KOREA) India 9845274729
Dr.  Chaitanya Rao MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9989225035
Dr.  Sree Cuddapah MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9989050413
 Dr.  Biraj KR Das MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9435107730
 Dr.  Diana Grover MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9999509928
 Dr.  Arun Yadav MBBS, MS(ENT) India 8288095926
 Dr.  Gaurav Ahluwalia MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9610140502
 Dr.  Srinivasa kumara raja P MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9985496898
 Dr.   Kumar MBBS, DLO, MS(ENT) India 9095534444
 Dr.   Prakash Jayanth kumar MBBS, DLO, DOHNS (ENG), FEBORL-HNS India 9442646960
Dr.  Atul shah MBBS, MS, MCH( plast) India 9825033832
Dr.  Ashesh Bhumkar MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9820047256
Dr.  Arshad Hussain MBBS, MS(ENT), MRCS (ENT) India 9845058758
Dr.  Nagaraju G MBBS, MS (OPTH),DNB, FGO,FCED India 9845011294
Dr.  Kunku Srinivas MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9448792819
Dr.  Tripti Kaur Brar MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9810627159
 Dr.  Chidananda devasamudra R MBBS, MS(ENT), FELLOWSHIP IN RHINOPLASTY(S. KOREA) India 9448872913
Dr.  Shreyas Pradeep MBBS, MS(ENT), FELLOWSHIP-OTOPLASTY(JAPAN) India 9844888721
Dr.  Dinesh Valse MBBS, MS(ENT), FELLOWSHIP IN RHINOPLASTY(S. KOREA) India 9341353025
Dr.  Amithabha Roychoudhury MBBS, DLO, DNB(Otolaryngol), DLORCS(London) India 9830214088
Dr.  Muniraj M MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9488966383
Dr.  Prof. Chandrakiran MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9448309089
Dr.  Vishnu K P MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9449222771
Dr.  Biraj KR Das MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9435107730
Dr.  Krishnamurthy MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9845568879
Dr.  Naveen Krishnamurthy MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9886286747
Dr.  gudipudi rajesh MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9490244284
Dr.  ch murali kondaiah MBBS, MS(ENT) India 8374824817
Dr.  Raja sekharam MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9440431832
Dr.  Samir Rawal MBBS, MS(Gen Surg), Mch ( Plastic surgery) India 9825447000
Dr.  Chetankumar Up MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9480798238
 Dr.  Prem Sagar MBBS, MS(ENT),DNB, MNAMS India 9868397465
Dr.  Sarath raveendran MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9968588596
Dr.  Ihsan abbas al baldawi MBBS, MS, DLO, Fellow European board Iran 009647801348002 – 009647702731199
Dr.  Sandeep Bhasin MBBS ,MS(Gen Surg) India 9818704499
Dr.  Vijayalakshmi s MBBS, DLO, Dip NB, PG Dip Medical Ethics, PG Dip in Clinical Ethics, India 9886273009
Dr.  Hina Baxi MBBS,MS(ENT) India 8722556218
Dr.  Gautham Ullas BMBS BmedSci MRCS(ENT) United kingdom 4.47725E+11
Dr.  Tan Kenglu BSc (hons),MRCS(ENT)MD,MS, Commonwealth fellow(FPS-UK) Malaysia 603-79492062 ;
Prof Dr.  E K Reddy MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9449340466
Dr.  Ashok Rokade MBBS, MS(ENT),FRCS(Ire),FRCS(ORL-HNS) United kingdom 7932048890
Dr.  Jasveer Singh MBBS,DLO,MS(ENT) India 9891272427
 Dr.  Prateek Sharma MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9968719695
Prof Dr.  Rahul Kawatra MBBS,MS (ENT) India 9415108548
Dr.  Dev Roy F.R.C.S.(ORL-HNS) Edin., F.R.C.S.(ENT), M.S., D.L.O.(R.C.S.Eng.), E.B.F.P.R.S. India 9007689999
Dr.  Joshna B.M MBBS.MS(ENT) India 9591253333
Dr.  Ongden Gyatso MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9434178963
Dr.  Hitesh Chhadva MBBS,MS(ENT) India 9869196193
Dr.  Ritesh Mahajan MBBS, MS(ENT) India 9205050132
Dr. Dev Roy F.R.C.S.(ORL-HNS) Edin., F.R.C.S.(ENT), M.S., D.L.O.(R.C.S.Eng.), E.B.F.P.R.S. 9007689999
 Dr.  Joshna B.M MBBS.MS(ENT) 9591253333
 Dr.  Ongden Gyatso MBBS, MS(ENT) 9434178963
 Dr.  Hitesh Chhadva MBBS,MS(ENT) 8850943241
 Dr.  Ritesh Mahajan MBBS, MS(ENT) 9205050132
 Dr.  Parijat Joshi MBBS, DLO 7406715004
 Dr.  Hina Baxi MBBS, MS( ENT) 8722556218
 Dr.  Vikram Bhardwaj MBBS, MS(ENT), Fellow (ORL-HNS) 8800097694
 Dr.  Prerna Gupta MBBS, MS( Gen Surg), Mch (Plastic surgery) 9779016727
 Dr. Jaskaran Singh Gill MBBS, M.S(ENT) DOHNS (ENG) 9855983036
 Dr. Bhanu Bhardwaj MBBS, M.S(ENT) DOHNS (ENG) 9815201845
 Dr. Krishnam P Raju MBBS, MS (ENT), DOHNS, MRCS, CCBST, FEB (orl-hns) 9866201952
 Dr. Kshitij Patil MBBS, MS(ENT) 9326574815
 Dr. Mallikarjun Tegnoor MBBS, MS (ENT) 9342352284
Dr. C B Nadal MBBS, MS(ENT) 9844035399
Anju Suresh-1 9645544862
Sowmya j -2  8951439863
Rabiul Karim-1,2 7886732
Phub Tshering-1,2 00975-17290808
Sri Satya Sudha-1,2
Muhammed Bobat 27825752842
Smitha T M 9901080410
Maya K T  9980029047
Divya B 9739969965
R V Kumar 9095534444
Andrey Makarov 79119451681
Sunaina Thakur 8975528144
Anupriya Hajela 9833324756
Nita Rachel 9731384607
Toshi Janardhan 7042799927
Deepthi Narayan 9.68969E+11
Shankar Mohanarangan 9.71529E+11
Agustinus H.W. Purba (+62)82161047100
Stefnos Tsallas +30 6981020510
Mohammed Husni Dawood 9.62783E+11 MOHAMMAD.HUSNI2013@GMAIL.COM
Shree Rao 9989050413
Ankita Soni  9630248485
Sandhya D  9880353462
Aditya Narayana Chodhury 7976842712
Dr.  Ahmad Shabanah
Dr.  Rahul Kawata 9415108548
Dr.  Amjad Farook
Dr.  Muhammad Bobat
Dr.  Krishna Priya 9487609657>
Dr.  Prerna Mittal 9779016727
Dr.  Madhusudhan B 9841034966
Dr.  Kapil Soni 9468042462
Dr.  Gauri Belsare 9823032643 
Dr.  Shajid P 9847150722
Dr.  Sanoop E 9633833651 
Dr.  Sharad Hernot 9812017126 
Dr.  Sunil Ramnani 9424203004 
Dr.  Sankar Viswanathan 9654182002 
Dr.  Dheeraj Pillai 8607271427
Dr.  Lalit Gupta 9466468841
Dr.  Rituraj Baruah 9899115823 
Dr.  Hemanth Vamanshankar 9900407060 
Dr. Jerin Thomas 9846543113
Dr. Satish Vadibonna 9492781312
Dr.  Anil H T 9341226793
Dr.  Prashanth Prabhu 9.71507E+11
Dr.  Arjun Handa 9590499992
Dr. Krishna Manandhar 977-9851175974
Dr. Latha Devi 9448142202
Dr. Naveen k 9886286747
Dr.Raju PLN 9666840000
DR. Arul 9842193315
Dr. V K Anand 9486840323
Dr.  Thomas m David 00966507245582, 00918281864295
Dr. Naveed Basheeth 7459393097
Dr. Raj Prakash 9994075240
Dr.  Deeksha Aniketh 9742508721
Dr.  Debangshu Ghosh 9038336301
Dr.  Jyotsna Jagtap 9869217290
Dr.  Pujita Bandi 9941922330